Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

By Steven Dietz, Based on the Play by Gillette/Doyle
Directed by Aaron Holbritter

Jan 24 – 26 and 29 – Feb 2, 2014

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure
The King of Bohemia is about to be blackmailed by a notorious photograph, and the woman at the heart of this crime is the famous opera singer Irene Adler. With Dr. Watson at his side, Mr. Holmes pursues first the case, and then the affections of Miss Adler…and in doing so marches right into the lair of his longtime adversary, Professor Moriarty. In this spirited, fast-moving and thoroughly theatrical adaptation, Dietz presents Holmes at the height of his powers – surrounded by all the elements that fans of his exploits have come to expect: intrigue, danger, wit, humor and surprise.

“Dietz creates interesting worlds in his adaptations, in this case conjuring Victorian England and Holmes’ flat at 221B Baker Street. In his script, Dietz has crafted enough intrigue, adventure and even romance to create a fun evening that moves quickly, and is sure to please everyone who joins in the game.” -BackStage

Cast List Announcement

  • Sherlock HolmesTom Templeton
  • Dr. WatsonIan LaChance
  • Prof. MoriartyIsaac Newberry
  • King of BohemiaDavid Cerutti
  • Irene AdlerErin Waterhouse
  • James LarrabeeMarc Destefano
  • Madge LarrabeeAmy Lane
  • Sid Prince, et alChris Guyon